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This is the doctrine of love declared in the Vedas, and let us see how it is fully developed and taught by Sri Krishna, He taught that “A man ought to live in this world like a lotus leaf, which grows in water but is never moistened by water; so a man ought to live in the world--his heart to God and his hands to work”

The Buddha set the Wheel of Dharma in motion (Dharma-chakra pravartana). Swami Vivekananda has set the Wheel of Seva (Seva-chakra-pravartana) in motion. He has revived the ancient ideal of sacrifice in modern times in the form of service. Service activities cover different areas of human need and social welfare, Service done as worship of God in the human being helps in two ways: it helps the person who is served physically or mentally, and it helps the person who serves spiritually. All the work done here at the Math is ‘For One’s Own Liberation and for the good of Others.’Aatmano mokshartham jagadhitaya cha. - Swami Vivekananda.
In the premises of the Sadhana Kendra,with the above ideal, for the Moral and Spiritual upliftment of the society - Spiritual Retreats and Discourses, Evolutional Centres for children and youths, a Library of Spiritual and Religious Books, Hostel for poor students,Medical Camps for the poor and deserving people.Etc. are being conducted.

To excute our moral ideals,Sadhana Kendra is conducting the Spiritual Programmes regularly on every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays followed by Sahasranama Stotras, Bhajans and Discourses based on theVeda,Upanishath,Bhagavadgita, Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna,Swami Vivekananda and also on the Great Seers of this Country.

The Sadhana Kendra maintains a shrine cum prayer hall dedicated to the Trinities.It is kept open from 9AM to 12 Noon. Arati and Bhajans are conducted from 5.30PM to 7PM on every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Ramanama sankeerthana are held on all Ekadasi days. Important festivals like Ganesh Festival, Durga Pooja and others are celebrated, besides the birthdays of Trinity. The library of Kendra contains Spiritual and Religious books kept in proper place for easy reference. The Sadhana Kendra conducts Balavikas class for school children( Boys age10 to16) on all Sundays and are taught moral values through stories, chanting of Bhajans etc., so that they can imbibe culture in their life at an early age. Vedic chanting is held on Sundays to orient our vedic culture. Spiritual Retreats are conducted on every quarter. Gruha Sandarshana (House Visit) and Satsangs are also conducted. Free medical camps were held at this centre.

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